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Mr.Master has provided the entertainment and radio broadcast industry with fast, reliable content distribution, management and support services for 15 years.

We began as a CD mastering facility, and later began offering CD and DVD duplication, replication, printing and distribution services to meet our clients growing needs.

In keeping with our tradition of offering the highest level of service to our clients, Mr. Master has since developed a customized Internet digital delivery system that will enable thousands of advertising and radio professionals to effectively perform their tasks accurately, efficiently and economically utilizing our robust end to end solution.

Today, Mr.Master distributes a substantial portion of all syndicated programming in the national radio market. It is no secret that the Internet offers opportunities to gain cost and time efficiencies in the distribution of most digitized content. More and more radio stations are now connected and able to receive content via the Internet. So it is Mr. Master's vision to allow these opportunities and not only advance our own internal operations, but to deliver increased speed, efficiency, quality and convenience to our clients.

It is, however, very important to us in these days of massive conglomerates to maintain and deliver upon the original intent of our company -- to foster and enhance a good working relationship with each and every customer. That's not just marketing talk, as evidenced by our 15 years of success. We've built this business with very little marketing and no actual advertising. The growth we've enjoyed has been largely organic, with our services expanding to meet our customers' needs -- in turn, those satisfied companies have referred more business to us.

Bottom line, we never want a customer to feel in any way that they are just a "number" in a large corporation. I know from what I've seen in the past several years that an awful lot of companies lose their human touch when they focus on technology, automation and the Internet in general. We're as focused as ever on our customers, and is the logical next step in ensuring that they are being served fully and efficiently.

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